Lake Louise

Lake Louise sits in the Athabaskan Council, very near its border with the Salish-Shidhe Council (check out the Map of North America under the Maps tab!). It was the primary residence of the Great Dragon Dunkelzahn until he moved it to Prince Edward Island. In his will, he left Lake Louise to Holly Brighton. Mirrored glass buildings sit at the edge of the dragon’s former lair cavern.

Above ground, there is the VisionQuest Virtual Theme Park, the Mountain Dragons Urban Brawl team’s practice arena, Eddie Samuelson’s La Bella Italia restaurant, and the public portion of the former lair. Underground, however, is closed to the public and is Ryan Mercury‘s domain. This part of the lair is still considered the most secure of Dunkelzahn’s known properties, and has the benefits of the Big D’s extensive electronics and signals-intelligence network and close links with Assets, Inc.

The meadows and forests surrounding Lake Louise were left to Keiiha, leader of the indigenous population of centaurs. They guard their territory fiercely, and are thus very useful allies in keeping the location secure.

Although Rainwalker does not lair at Lake Louise, she does spend a great deal of time there.

Lake Louise

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