Clutch of Dragons

Downtime post-Don't Cry For Me

  • Group Funds: 75,600¥
    • Paid 9,000¥ to the Steelsky Clan to carry Shek’s stuff to and from Hamburg
    • Paid 600¥ for two disposable commlinks
    • Paid 2,500¥ to rent a Mercury Oort van for a week
    • Paid 1,000¥ to rent another hotel room
    • Paid 3,000¥ for medical treatment and accommodation for those not being healed
    • Paid 500¥ for introduction to Raj Patel
    • Paid 100¥ per night for accommodation in Europort
  • Nicolás is still somewhat shaken and disturbed by everything that’s happened, but nevertheless seems to be settling in. You only see him occasionally, working with Talon and the various other non-drake magicians who work with Quicksilver et al.
  • The news from Luján is entirely silent on the break-in and the two murders.
  • Quicksilver and Azadeh are both pleased about the book you’ve recovered, although you get the impression it’s still being translated as neither of them seem to be lying when they say they don’t know why it’s so important.

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