Clutch of Dragons

Darkest Hour - part four

In Europort

  • Team arrived as directed to an Indian restaurant, where they asked for Dr. Patel
  • In the back room, they found a Medical Shop set up as a street doc’s facility, run by a blue-skinned, four-armed “human” who introduced himself as Dr. Patel.
    • Mel assensed him and identified him as an adept
  • After one day of care, Saiph was fully healed; after the second day, Mel was fully healed; and after the third day, Gabi was fully healed. Those not being healed were put up in some rooms above the restaurant.
    • Got Dr. Patel as a Con 3, Loy 2 Contact.
  • Patel told them that Carella had been taken into custody by Regulus Joint Industries on behalf of the Europort Administration Ruling Council – didn’t know why
    • Mel’s research indicated that “a suspect” was taken into “protective custody” by a group of corporations (ESUS, DeBeers, and WWS) who are running an inquiry on behalf of the Europort Administration Ruling Council into recent corporate espionage
  • Offered to let the team stay in the rooms above the restaurant for 100¥ per night, payable in certified cred; he also offered an introduction to his brother Raj for 500¥
  • After a lengthy discussion, the team came to an understanding about Raj. He confirmed that Carella was fleeing S-K
  • In exchange for the information, Raj wanted the team to rescue Carella. He provided a map and the following information:
    • Physical Security:
      • Eight Ares Sentinel R Series Drones, w/Pilot 5, Targeting (Longarms) 5 and Targeting (Automatics) 5. Armed with Ares HVARs w/100-round drum and safe targeting system, loaded with gel rounds. Rails mounted along perimeter fence and can fire into or out of the compound. Slaved to a Rating 3 node.
      • 9 solitary confinement cells, 40 general population cells (2 prisoners per cell).
      • All prisoners chipped with a hardened stealth tag implanted along the artery beneath their jawbone. Radioactive isotope in left upper arm.
      • Compound physically removed from city, surrounded by flat, open terrain for 1km in all directions.
      • Pressure plates in the field surrounding the facility.
      • Rating 6 sensor emplacements mounted along the fence, facing outwards, with low-light and thermo cameras, radar, and motion-detection. Aimed for low-ground coverage. Relies on radar for anything over 20m above ground.
    • Matrix security – all security nodes not connected to Matrix
    • Magical security
      • Rating 2 Dragonslayer Domain
      • Patrol of Force 7 Spirit of Man and 5 Watcher Spirits. Alert the on-site mage if any intruders approach within 50m of the complex.
    • Personnel:
      • 40 regular guards, providing coverage as both prison guards and facility security
      • On-site combat mage, wards key areas of building and provides astral patrol
      • 10 elite guards
      • No surprise inspections. Any claimed surprise inspections are buzzed into the entry foyer, an airlock shuts, and are gassed with CS/Tear Gas for two minutes


  • Gabi took a call (as “Maria Santos”) from Georgiy Abolev of the Apep Consortium, who had heard that she was in Europort and wanted to meet up with her and the team “for a coffee”
    • Her research indicated that he has a number of Central Asian bodyguards with criminal records on Interpol databases; also that he’s a ruthless and unscrupulous staffer in pursuit of artefacts for the Consortium
  • Gabi also updated Jane on what was going on
  • Gabi contacted the Cannons and arranged to meet them at a pub called the Blue Rhapsody.
    • The team arrived as the Cannons were in the middle of an argument. In Carella’s absence, the Cannons are made up as follows:
    • Widget: early twenties female Caucasian elf with day-glo red hair and purple highlights. Patronising and pedantic. Team’s hacker and currently trying to act as its leader. No augmentations.
    • Hiver – late thirties male Scandinavian-looking elf. Paternal towards Widget, Emilio and Yuyi. Some alpha-grade augmentations.
    • Emilio – late twenties male Hispanic troll, heavily and obviously augmented. Hugely built and prepared to let Carella swing.
    • Nerefeiz – early forties male Arabic human. Drinks a lot. Some light bioware augmentations.
    • Yuyi – early twenties female East Asian ork. Very slightly-built, wears a rebreather basically all the time. No augmentations; Magic 8 adept.
  • After some false starts and difficult conversations, the two teams agreed to work together.
  • Widget had discovered that Carella was currently in Solitary Confinement (in the cell at the bottom of the map) but was scheduled to be moved back into General Population in 48 hours.
  • The Cannons’ plan as it started was this:
    • Monitor signals in and out of the building, using a Sniffer program, then Spoof a prisoner transfer order. After the order has been inserted into the system, fly into the building. Land on helipad, take down guards using overwhelming firepower. Leave Emilio in helicopter with Widget to detonate charges on the street as oncoming vehicles respond. He also keeps an eye on Widget while she is in the Matrix.
    • Widget brings her registered Paladin sprite to protect her while she threads up a Blackout to crush active Matrix users, and she commands a Rating 5 Crack Sprite to crash all the icons.
  • The problem is that although the Loose Cannons can lay the charges and tackle the external security, but there aren’t enough of them to manage the interior security forces as well. An attempted rescue would result in their entire team being overrun and captured. Also, if they go hot, any attempts to actually breach the building will be met by Regulus Elite Forces.
  • Thus, Gabi, Mel and Saiph agreed to breach the interior of the prison and get Carella out.
  • They also discussed suborning whichever Combat Mage would be on duty the following night, thus making the infiltration significantly easier. Nerefeiz offered to do this, and the team accepted the offer.
  • In discussing the Phaistos Disc, the Cannons said they recognised it as one of the things they stole from the Heraklion Museum. Everything was shipped to SanFran by cargo ship, but Carella removed the Disc just before the container was sealed, and paid each of the team an extra 5k. He said it was being sent to a different buyer…
  • The team left their meeting with the Cannons, agreeing to reconvene at 5pm the following day ready for a night-time incursion.
  • They then went to a Central Business District coffee shop for their meeting with Georgiy Abolev, who attended with just two of his bodyguards.
    • He recognised Gabi (as “Maria Santos”) and Saiph (presumably as “Waheed Hengupta,” although he didn’t say), but introduced himself to Mel as though he didn’t recognise her.
    • He half-jokingly asked where his map was, and Gabi deflected the question, implying that they had passed it onto a big client or similar.
    • He then said that he knew why the team were in Europort, and that he’d give them the chance to leave right away. He left shortly after delivering this threat, and (after some debate within the team about whether they should kill him) Mel sent a Force 5 bound Spirit of Beasts after him to see where he went.



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