Investigation, Negotiation, Demolitions


Gabriela Fischer-Vanderbilt is an elf social engineer and investigator.


  1. I’m the next stage in human evolution, normal societal rules don’t apply to me. What sort of things will this encourage you to do? Why is it one of Emma’s priorities for Gabriela?
  2. I love my close family & friends, I will protect them from my new life.
  3. Dragons pull the strings of all the Mega-Corps; I will punish those power-hungry collaborators.


  1. I always check the behaviour of those around me so I can blend in better.
  2. I always dress appropriately to any situation I expect.
  3. I always seek cover if I hear people approaching when I’m infiltrating.
  4. I always check to see if I’m being followed after a meeting/con.
  5. I always delete sensitive emails/calls from my commlink.


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