Brindar Ghaderi

Fire Support


Brindar is a sturdily built ork, typically wearing a neutral expression and loose khaki fatigues. He has no tattoos or piercings and his dark brown hair is kept cropped and his beard cleanly shaven. He has a fairly eastern-European look with skin that appears heavily tanned year round, making many UCAS citizens mistake him for Hispanic or south-east-Asian. He is typically seen in very practical, rough-wearing clothes in neutral colours. Most of his gear tends to be matte, solid and worn around the corners.


Brin’ is a freedom fighter first and foremost. A sturdy ork adept with a knack for killing but a free will.


  1. Anyone knowingly working for SK is a willing pawn of Lofwyr. Treat them as hostile combatants. I think this needs to be sharper; something like you want them dead or something.
  2. Equality is more important than personal liberty. Oppose anyone oppressing those weaker than them.
  3. Corporations, dragons, free spirits, AIs, etc. are alien beings that should not be allowed power over metahumanity. Take every opportunity to curtail their power.
  4. Those who wrong me deserve to suffer in kind. Avenge any slight beyond minor insults.
  5. People will naturally contribute to societal betterment. Trust them to do the right thing. This seems more like a call to inaction than a call to action – Beliefs aren’t things your character believes, they’re things you want to prioritise for your character.


  1. I always use AV or APDS rounds against mechanical targets and flechette against apparently unarmoured targets.
  2. I always move to cover when under fire
  3. I always Take Aim before firing the first shot of a combat
  4. I never enter a hostile area without a weapon readied

Brindar Ghaderi

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