Clutch of Dragons

Shadows of Peace - part two

  • Over breakfast, discussed a plan
  • Mel deployed spirits to guard the team and to look for the Shroud using the Search power.
  • Mel astrally investigated the hotel safe, but discovered nothing magical in there.
  • Gabriella went down to the lobby and identified a member of staff that she thought would be open to bribery
  • Going outside to talk to Francoise (the receptionist) on her smoke break, she offered 750¥ for information about the rooms the Templars were occupying (two to a room, with two rooms on each of the hotel’s six floors
  • Mel then astrally projected again to look through those rooms for magical equipment. The rooms with Templars (Essence 6, Magic 5) actually in them revealed the Templars carrying cufflinks (Force 2 Power Foci) and paired bracers (Force 3 Sustaining Foci – one Manipulation, one Health). No sign of the Shroud.
  • Gabriella’s FlySpy reported that hotel staff had gone into the Vercheres Room and were affixing blackout blinds over the external windows
  • The team spent some time planning how to approach the problem
  • Mel’s water spirit reported back that it didn’t believe that the Shroud was a thing that could be found – it wasn’t like it was far away or behind a ward or anything.
  • Mel astrally identified a room next to one of the Templar rooms that didn’t currently have anyone in it
  • The plan solidified around abducting and interrogating a Templar
  • Around 11am, Gabriella successfully opened the locked and empty room next to the target Templar, around the same time as her FlySpy reported that hotel staff are installing candelabras in the Vercheres Room.
  • The team set the room up with a chair in the centre of the room, and plenty of material for tying the target up and blindfolding and gagging him. They also set up a directional jammer pointing at the chair (but towards the outside of the building)
  • Mel cast Physical Mask on Gabriella (Force 5, 5 hits) and Saiph (Force 5, 3 hits), plus changing her own disguise, to look like male Aztlaner warriors such as those encountered in LA (except Mel, who continued to look female).
  • Around 1pm, the target Templar came down the corridor – the team were alerted by Gabriella’s FlySpy
  • The grab worked perfectly, although the team realised they hadn’t accounted for any cameras in the corridors
    • If, by cameras, you mean “patrolling mini-drones with MAD scanners and enhanced visual and audio sensor packages.”
  • Once the Templar was tied in the chair, blindfolded, cut on with a knife, and dosed with Aisa, the interrogation began…
  • He spoke with a German accent, and identified himself as Klaus. He revealed that the Vercheres Room had been booked to perform a ritual, with three circles of seven Templars working together in a ritual to enhance and extend the power of the Shroud. The other three Templars, including Klaus, will act as guards.
    • The ritual leaders are called Hans, Phillippe and Giacomo
    • The other two guards are called Carlos and Pepito
  • Klaus didn’t know exactly where the Shroud was right now, but he knows it’s with one of the Templars and it’s not detectable by magical means
  • Once the ritual is complete, the Shroud will be taken by some of the ritual leaders and used to spread peace in the cause of the Catholic Church
  • Klaus was dosed with lael and dumped back in his own room. Melika cast Sterilize on the interrogation room, and dropped everyone’s disguises before they went back to their own rooms.



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