Clutch of Dragons

Dusk - part two

  • Team convened for a breakfast meeting after the party
    • They bought three copies of a Rating 2 TacNet programme and two simrigs using group funds
  • Went to the palace for a touristy tour
    • Noticed hardwired cameras, pressure pads, and trip beams
    • Palace is aspected (Rating 3 Domain) towards kahunas
    • Gabriela checked out the toilets but sadly they were absent any sort of air conditioning
  • Looked for antiques to give the Princess as a gift, but decided against it
    • Bought some new clothes for Mel
  • Gabriela got a call from Katherine Silveroak to arrange travel
    • Collected in a limo with Silveroak, Mordecai
    • Taken to the palace, where you were kept in a luxury suite
    • Then led to a large underground room with walls 2m thick. Other bidders there:
      • Hans Brackhaus (dwarf, SK rep)
      • Georgiy Abelev (older Russian archaeologist representing the Apep Consortium)
      • Dr. Raoul Menendez (Aztechnology exec in charge of procurement for research and investment)
      • Medjay
      • Dr. Julianna Smythe (private collector from Hong Kong, works for Lung)
      • Katherine Silveroak and Mordecai
    • Looked around the exhibits:
      • Lots of antiquities – gemstone-encrusted masks, shards of ancient pottery, and one table has a climate-controlled glass case filled with sheets of papyrus. There are masks and statuettes from across the globe on pedestals and glass cases.
      • Another large table has a sizable map stretched out along it, with a small AR tag labelling it the Piri Reis map. Mordecai is here, lingering near the map and speaking in a strange language to Katherine Silveroak.
      • According to Mel‘s astral investigations, the map is very odd – the writing is very clear and in fact there’s more writing astrally than physically! Also gives the impression of great age.
    • Brackhaus talked to Gabriela and swapped contact details
    • The team were given the choice to stay at the palace overnight or leave, and (given that Silveroak was staying and the team worried that the map would be stolen) chose to stay
    • Whilst astrally scouting around midnight, Mel noticed someone running from the vault area towards the exit – when she made to follow physically, she learnt that the security measures (e.g. pressure pads) were active, and thus decided not to go any further



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