Clutch of Dragons

Don't Cry For Me - part two

  • Saiph hired a GMC Bulldog Step-Van for a week
  • He also made arrangements with the Steelsky Clan to carry four people back, at a cost of 15k¥
  • Gabi called Quicksilver to explain the situation. He told her that Priault is the head of Saeder-Krupp Prime, and also pointed out that the Quebec vault is very near the hotel from Shadows of Peace.
  • He also gave some advice about forensic countermeasures (especially the use of the Sterilisation spell) and also gave his permission for the team to extract Nicolás and bring him to Lake Louise
  • Gabi’s research online indicated that Priault was a former four-term Corporate Court Judge who resigned after the Crash 2.0. Since then he’s been working closely with Lofwyr and heading Saeder‑Krupp Prime’s strategic division. He has also acted as a direct emissary of the dragon on political matters.
  • She also looked into Larstatter, who it turned out was actually an SK Prime agent, possibly quite high-up, in Argentina
    • SK Prime: basically a global military intelligence agency tasked with ensuring that Lofwyr’s wishes come true
  • Gabi called Larstatter to get some armour and stuff, ending up with an agreement for him to provide two suits of Fire Resistant delta-amyloid clothing and a tricked-out suit of Heavy Military Armour for Saiph. Saiph just had to go into the SK Argentina depot the following morning to get measured and collect it.
  • Gabi met up with Nicolás and arranged for the attack to go down at 4am the following day (after Saiph collects his new armour)
  • Gabi spent 15,000¥ nuyen hiring an armed escort for her grandparents to go to the airport and fly privately to be with her parents in the UCAS.
  • The next morning, Saiph showered thoroughly, dressed in a freshly-bought set of flats, went and got the armour customised. By hiring a courier, he was able to get the large black plastic crate back to the rest of the team. Gabi checked it over with the Radio Signal Scanner and found nothing broadcasting.
  • The team did a final bit of planning, looking at how best to approach dealing with the warded areas and the spirits
  • The session ended with the team in the SUV outside the cathedral at 3.55am, Concealed by one of Mel’s Water Spirits, ready to deploy at the beginning of next session…



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