Clutch of Dragons

Don't Cry For Me - part one

  • Gabriella got a call from Frederick Larstatter asking for her help as a freelancer. He offered to pay for her flight and that of her team to Buenos Aires to discuss a job, plus 700 nuyen each for listening to his pitch.
  • The team discussed whether to go, given concerns that Larstatter works for Saeder-Krupp, and that they didn’t want to betray Quicksilver
  • They arranged to travel from Sea-Tac International, so Saiph had his highly illegal weaponry collected by the Steelsky Clan, paying them to deliver it and take it back after the job
  • Upon arrival at Sea-Tac, the team were ushered to a private terminal and onto an S-K private plane. Gabi got in touch with her grandparents to make sure she would be able to drop in if necessary.
  • Larstatter revealed that the job was to extract a Benedictine monk (Nicolás Fernandez) and a book in his possession that the Big Man wants to own. None of the local runners would take the job, because of their respect for the Catholic Church.
  • It became clear that Larstatter was way more interested in the book than in the monk
  • He offered 75k for the job, with one-third up front. After some negotiation, you accepted the offer.
  • Once he was gone and the team were checked into the 5-star hotel, the team started talking about how to get the book from Nicolás and then take it back to Lake Louise rather than give it to Larstatter (and consequently Lofwyr)
  • Upon meeting Nicolás at a café opposite the Basilica of Our Lady of Luján, he took them into a back room (he seemed extremely nervous) and he called up a Great Form Spirit of Fire in the form of a mighty angel with burning wings, before sending it back to the astral plane
  • He then revealed himself as a member of the Vigilia Evangelica, a rumoured order within the Catholic Church believed to operate four vaults across the world where they horde secret and powerful magical writings and books.
  • He also revealed that the book in question was in one such vault – he also said there was a fifth vault, although offered no more information:
  • Sylvestrine Societá Thaumaturgica in GeMiTo
  • Mt. St. Michel (Normandy, France)
  • Basilica of Our Lady of Luján, Argentina
  • Monastère-des-Augustines-de-l’Hôtel-Dieu-de-Québec
  • Luckily, this one was in the Basilica over the way. The entrance was hidden under the altar in the chapel. Each of the ten vaults within is protected by a Great Form Spirit of Fire and a powerful Trap Ward. There will also be four powerful magicians on staff, although one will be Nicolás (who will override the technological defences)

  • Nicolás mentioned that it had been in conversation with a “Monsieur Priault” that he had realised that he had lost his faith, and Priault had suggested he flee – but that he could only offer sanctuary if Nicolás made a show of good faith, hence the book.
    • Room B/C is the entrance, with a trap ward, monk and spirit
    • Room A is the control room, with Nicolás, a trap ward and a spirit
    • Room D is a hallway, with a trap ward, monk and spirit
    • Room E is where the book is, and has a trap ward and a spirit
    • Vaults F-K each have a a trap ward and a spirit. Vault J also has a third monk in it.
  • Mel spent the next day binding a Spirit of Beasts; Gabi made arrangements to meet Nicolás later that same evening to talk times



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