Clutch of Dragons

Don't Cry For Me - part one
  • Gabriella got a call from Frederick Larstatter asking for her help as a freelancer. He offered to pay for her flight and that of her team to Buenos Aires to discuss a job, plus 700 nuyen each for listening to his pitch.
  • The team discussed whether to go, given concerns that Larstatter works for Saeder-Krupp, and that they didn’t want to betray Quicksilver
  • They arranged to travel from Sea-Tac International, so Saiph had his highly illegal weaponry collected by the Steelsky Clan, paying them to deliver it and take it back after the job
  • Upon arrival at Sea-Tac, the team were ushered to a private terminal and onto an S-K private plane. Gabi got in touch with her grandparents to make sure she would be able to drop in if necessary.
  • Larstatter revealed that the job was to extract a Benedictine monk (Nicolás Fernandez) and a book in his possession that the Big Man wants to own. None of the local runners would take the job, because of their respect for the Catholic Church.
  • It became clear that Larstatter was way more interested in the book than in the monk
  • He offered 75k for the job, with one-third up front. After some negotiation, you accepted the offer.
  • Once he was gone and the team were checked into the 5-star hotel, the team started talking about how to get the book from Nicolás and then take it back to Lake Louise rather than give it to Larstatter (and consequently Lofwyr)
  • Upon meeting Nicolás at a café opposite the Basilica of Our Lady of Luján, he took them into a back room (he seemed extremely nervous) and he called up a Great Form Spirit of Fire in the form of a mighty angel with burning wings, before sending it back to the astral plane
  • He then revealed himself as a member of the Vigilia Evangelica, a rumoured order within the Catholic Church believed to operate four vaults across the world where they horde secret and powerful magical writings and books.
  • He also revealed that the book in question was in one such vault – he also said there was a fifth vault, although offered no more information:
  • Sylvestrine Societá Thaumaturgica in GeMiTo
  • Mt. St. Michel (Normandy, France)
  • Basilica of Our Lady of Luján, Argentina
  • Monastère-des-Augustines-de-l’Hôtel-Dieu-de-Québec
  • Luckily, this one was in the Basilica over the way. The entrance was hidden under the altar in the chapel. Each of the ten vaults within is protected by a Great Form Spirit of Fire and a powerful Trap Ward. There will also be four powerful magicians on staff, although one will be Nicolás (who will override the technological defences)

  • Nicolás mentioned that it had been in conversation with a “Monsieur Priault” that he had realised that he had lost his faith, and Priault had suggested he flee – but that he could only offer sanctuary if Nicolás made a show of good faith, hence the book.
    • Room B/C is the entrance, with a trap ward, monk and spirit
    • Room A is the control room, with Nicolás, a trap ward and a spirit
    • Room D is a hallway, with a trap ward, monk and spirit
    • Room E is where the book is, and has a trap ward and a spirit
    • Vaults F-K each have a a trap ward and a spirit. Vault J also has a third monk in it.
  • Mel spent the next day binding a Spirit of Beasts; Gabi made arrangements to meet Nicolás later that same evening to talk times
Downtime post-Shadows of Peace

Group Funds: 78,400¥

  • Despite the giant clusterfuck (not your fault), and the contrast between your treatment of the Templars (all dead) vs the enemy runners (one left alive and unharmed), Quicksilver and Azadeh are pleased.
  • Jane reports that Parashield investigators arrested the rigger (a Hispanic dwarf woman called Alyssa Ramirez), but that she was swiftly released by personal order of the Attorney-General of Quebec.
  • Evidence found in the runners’ commlinks indicate a plan to travel to Offut Air Force Base outside Omaha, Nebraska, UCAS and acquire a “package” there. No information about what, sadly, and these records were deleted and scrubbed from the system before Jane had the chance to make a copy.
  • This is a really impressive cover-up job. The media story is that Native American terrorists attacked the hotel because a prominent Quebec politician was staying there.
Shadows of Peace - part four
  • Gabriella was pretty sure there was someone on the other side of the door to the car park, so waited for Mel and Saiph to join her.
  • Mel sent one of her spirits to investigate; it reported back that there were two people in the car park, along with a spirit which had attacked it. Gabi seemed oddly reluctant to participate in violence, especially after having just basically executed someone upstairs.
  • Mel called on her other spirit to Conceal the team, and they snuck up the stairs, through the ground floor foyer, back down another flight of stairs, and round to the door on the other side of the car park
  • Saiph went in first, taking up a firing position behind the second row of cars. En route, he spotted a crouching East Asian elf dude poised to attack anyone coming through that first door
  • Mel came in second, and likewise took cover. She instructed her spirit to deal with the dude by the door.
  • Gabi came in and started sprinting towards the team’s car.
  • In the subsequent combat, the enemy elf got badly injured by Saiph’s bullet and then turned invisible. Mel was attacked by a Spirit of Man under the elf’s control. Mel’s Water Spirit kept harrying the enemy elf but was unable to keep him engulfed. Gabi kept her head down and ran for the car. The enemy van (a GMC Bulldog Step-Van that the team had identified as belonging to their enemies just by looking at it) tried to ram into the water spirit but failed to damage it.
  • Eventually, Mel was able to despatch the Spirit of Man attacking her, but the enemy elf was able to disrupt Mel’s Water Spirit with repeated Stunbolts. Saiph turned his attention to the van, shooting out one of its tyres but learning that it had runflats.
  • Mel crushed the van with multiple Powerbolts, leaving the rigger inside to start broadcasting an AR message of surrender. Overcome with Berserk rage, Mel chased the enemy elf and exploded him with a manabolt in her drake form.
  • At the car, Gabi shouted at Mel and used Commanding Voice to get her to come back to the car. It was successful, and so the team left behind a rigger in the ruined van, sobbing her gratitude over AR.
  • Really strange weather patterns and sudden random bouts of calm afflicted the team as they snuck away from the hotel, avoiding Parashield security patrols thanks to Gabi successfully claiming to be a Euro supermodel and getting a police escort out of the situation.
  • The strange storms were grounding all flights, so the team opted instead to drive the 4,000km across the Algonkian-Manitou Council before crossing into the Athabaskan Council and arriving home in Lake Louise to a heroes’ welcome and handing over the Shroud of Shadows to Quicksilver himself.
Shadows of Peace - part three
  • Gabriella’s Fly-Spy reported that the Templars were starting to set up a Magical Lodge, with space for three circles of magicians to perform rituals. One of these circles was centred around the dais.
  • The team arranged to have a hire car waiting in the underground car park, into which they got hotel staff to load all of their gear “for a hunting trip”
  • Discussed plans to get in, given the ward created by said Magical Lodge. The team decided to wait until the ritual had started, to ensure that a) the Templars were distracted, and b) that the Shroud was actually in the room. Once such plans were in place, and preparations made, the assault began…the room was laid out with three sets of seven Templars (each set in one of the circles), with three guards (two humans and a troll) guarding the room.
  • Saiph opened one of the two doors into the room, and sprayed one of the three guards (a Troll Templar) with a Long Burst from his HK-227X, the sound from which roared throughout the place. The troll was injured but not downed…
  • Mel and her two shark-form Water Spirits started attacking the Lodge’s mana barrier, rapidly tearing a hole in its structural integrity. As the combat progressed, the spirits would carry on harrying the barrier, tearing the hole larger and larger
  • Gabriella shot at one of the other guards (a Human Templar) with her Ares Predator, hitting him with a Slab-loaded capsule round that wasn’t enough to take him out
  • The two Templar guards moved to cover, while the Troll drew a Claymore and moved to engage Saiph, who promptly gunned the Templar down in a hail of APDS.
  • Mel cast a Manaball spell through the hole in the mana barrier created by her earlier work and her spirits’ continued attacks, which utterly devastated one of the circles of seven Templars engaged in ritual magic, dropping them all and leaving them bleeding out.
  • Gabriella shot the same guard as before with a second Slab round from her Predator, but despite the impact of the capsule round doing some damage, the drug itself had no effect, so she switched clips to APDS
  • Saiph put a Long Burst into each of the remaining Templar guards after their attempts to Manabolt both him and Mel, felling both humans and emptying his clip in the process.
  • Mel targeted a Mana Ball at the second circle of Templars, wounding them all seriously and knocking them to the ground, but not quite taking any of them out. They and the other circle of Templars continued their ritual, most looking pretty scared at this point.
  • Saiph slammed a fresh clip of APDS into his SMG and put a Long Burst into one of the troll Templars Mel had wounded in the second circle, killing him.
  • Mel dropped a Manaball on the third circle, taking out the humans but leaving the two trolls standing.
  • Gabriella ran across the room towards the dais, and put an APDS round from her Predator right into the neck of one of the surviving Troll Templars who was in her way, still trying to perform their ritual. Said Templar died immediately.
  • Various other Templars looked scared but were stuck performing their ritual, unable to stop lest the power get out of hand
  • Saiph shouted to them all to surrender and let the team do what they needed to.
  • Before they had the chance to respond, Mel dropped a Manaball on the remainder of the second circle, killing them all.
  • Gabriella took the Shroud of Shadows off the dais
  • The last remaining Templar, a troll, fell to his knees and put his hands behind his head whilst doing his level best to control the energies of the ritual
  • Saiph kept him covered, but Mel finished the Troll off with a Manabolt, meaning that all the Templars were either dead or bleeding out.
  • At that point, two key things happened:
    • The building’s alarms went off, presumably triggered by the eruption of autofire and huge amount of magic used in the past six seconds
    • The external wall of the Verchères Room exploded inwards, as though struck by some sort of explosive projectile from outside. Both Saiph and Gabriella were showered in shrapnel, but neither was injured. The mana barrier maintained by the Lodge was utterly disrupted by this, and Mel’s spirits retreated to their native metaplane as a result
  • In through the hole came a white-haired Caucasian dwarf man, with a pair of obvious cyberlegs and magical energy crackling around his hands, wearing a colourful jumpsuit
  • Also through the hole bounded a bald African-American troll woman, wearing various pieces of protective clothing not remotely serving to disguise her obvious cybertorso, cyberlegs or cyberarms. She was clutching an Ingram White Knight Light Machine Gun in one hand…
  • Saiph started proceedings by firing a Long Burst of APDS rounds into the dwarf, which served to knock him over but not cause any lasting damage
  • Mel, deciding that discretion is the better part of valour, started to move toward the stairs, albeit not as fast as Gabriella, who was sprinting down the stairs to the parking lot at a breakneck pace
  • The dwarf tried, unsuccessfully, to Stunbolt Saiph into submission after standing back up
  • The troll popped a pair of inline skates from her cyberlegs and set off to pursue Gabriella, just about entering Mel’s line of sight
  • Mel took the opportunity to Manabolt the troll, wounding but not knocking down the cybered monstrosity
  • Saiph emptied his clip into the dwarf, which again knocked him over and this time drew blood, but didn’t drop him permanently. Saiph started walking slowly backwards towards the door.
  • Gabriella continued fleeing down the stairs
  • The dwarf once again tried Stunbolting Saiph, who shrugged it off
  • The troll started skating at speed towards Mel, popping out a cyberspur from her left arm as she approached
  • Saiph kept retreating out of the room, letting his SMG fall to his side on its sling whilst starting to assemble the sniper rifle on his back.
  • Mel put a second Manabolt into the troll, damn near killing the enemy but not quite finishing her off. All of the bloodshed and violence finally got to her, and Mel went berserk with Shark’s rage, also transforming into her drake form…
  • At this point, the hotel’s alarm stopped going off.
  • Saiph carried on desperately backing away and assembling his sniper rifle, while the dwarf burnout combat mage waddled after him
  • Mel tried to savage the downed troll with her mighty draconic maw, but the cyber-monster managed to fend the drake off with her cyberspur, scramble to her feet, and start to skate away as fast as possible
  • Gabriella kept fleeing downstairs
  • Saiph finished assembling the sniper rifle, and backed away, finally reaching Mel’s line of sight and thus falling under the protection of her counterspelling again
  • The dwarf put a really good effort into stunbolting Saiph, but the counterspelling was way too much for him to overcome
  • Mel roared and killed the fleeing troll with a manabolt
  • Gabriella kept on fleeing to the bottom of the stairwell, where she reached the door into the carpark
  • Saiph brought the assembled sniper rifle to bear on the dwarf combat mage, and shot him square between the eyes, felling him instantly
  • Mel advanced along the corridor to start mauling the fallen troll

OC notes:

  • Gabiella had moved some of her Logic into her Willpower, which will expire five minutes after the combat started
  • At the end of the session, Saiph had ten turns left of his Agility boost, before needing to resist Drain
  • Saiph needs to make an Edge (1) Test to ensure that he hasn’t knocked the calibration of his sniper rifle off by using it in a running firefight.
  • Mel is no longer berserk, but is still in drake form at the beginning of next turn
Shadows of Peace - part two
  • Over breakfast, discussed a plan
  • Mel deployed spirits to guard the team and to look for the Shroud using the Search power.
  • Mel astrally investigated the hotel safe, but discovered nothing magical in there.
  • Gabriella went down to the lobby and identified a member of staff that she thought would be open to bribery
  • Going outside to talk to Francoise (the receptionist) on her smoke break, she offered 750¥ for information about the rooms the Templars were occupying (two to a room, with two rooms on each of the hotel’s six floors
  • Mel then astrally projected again to look through those rooms for magical equipment. The rooms with Templars (Essence 6, Magic 5) actually in them revealed the Templars carrying cufflinks (Force 2 Power Foci) and paired bracers (Force 3 Sustaining Foci – one Manipulation, one Health). No sign of the Shroud.
  • Gabriella’s FlySpy reported that hotel staff had gone into the Vercheres Room and were affixing blackout blinds over the external windows
  • The team spent some time planning how to approach the problem
  • Mel’s water spirit reported back that it didn’t believe that the Shroud was a thing that could be found – it wasn’t like it was far away or behind a ward or anything.
  • Mel astrally identified a room next to one of the Templar rooms that didn’t currently have anyone in it
  • The plan solidified around abducting and interrogating a Templar
  • Around 11am, Gabriella successfully opened the locked and empty room next to the target Templar, around the same time as her FlySpy reported that hotel staff are installing candelabras in the Vercheres Room.
  • The team set the room up with a chair in the centre of the room, and plenty of material for tying the target up and blindfolding and gagging him. They also set up a directional jammer pointing at the chair (but towards the outside of the building)
  • Mel cast Physical Mask on Gabriella (Force 5, 5 hits) and Saiph (Force 5, 3 hits), plus changing her own disguise, to look like male Aztlaner warriors such as those encountered in LA (except Mel, who continued to look female).
  • Around 1pm, the target Templar came down the corridor – the team were alerted by Gabriella’s FlySpy
  • The grab worked perfectly, although the team realised they hadn’t accounted for any cameras in the corridors
    • If, by cameras, you mean “patrolling mini-drones with MAD scanners and enhanced visual and audio sensor packages.”
  • Once the Templar was tied in the chair, blindfolded, cut on with a knife, and dosed with Aisa, the interrogation began…
  • He spoke with a German accent, and identified himself as Klaus. He revealed that the Vercheres Room had been booked to perform a ritual, with three circles of seven Templars working together in a ritual to enhance and extend the power of the Shroud. The other three Templars, including Klaus, will act as guards.
    • The ritual leaders are called Hans, Phillippe and Giacomo
    • The other two guards are called Carlos and Pepito
  • Klaus didn’t know exactly where the Shroud was right now, but he knows it’s with one of the Templars and it’s not detectable by magical means
  • Once the ritual is complete, the Shroud will be taken by some of the ritual leaders and used to spread peace in the cause of the Catholic Church
  • Klaus was dosed with lael and dumped back in his own room. Melika cast Sterilize on the interrogation room, and dropped everyone’s disguises before they went back to their own rooms.
Shadows of Peace - part one
  • Briefing from Azadeh: Aden’s “little visit” to Hestaby is because the Shroud of Shadows (left to Aden by Dunkelzahn, later stolen by Hestaby) has been in turn stolen from her.
    • “To Aden, I leave the Shroud of Shadows. May its shade cool the heat of your desert home as well as the tempers that flare around it.”
  • Intelligence indicates that the Shroud has been taken to Québec City by the Order of the Temple, a.k.a. the New Knights Templar, where they have hired the Vercheres Room in a hotel named Le Château Frontenac, using the name of the Order of Saint Sylvester on the reservation for a “private party” starting at 8pm tomorrow. The team’s mission is to head there and recover it – Jane-In-The-Box will get them past Québec border security but after that it’s up to the team.
  • Booked into the hotel under Fake SINs (Kai, Eunina, and Waheed Hengupta) for three nights, costing a total of 1,800¥
  • 4hr drive to Edmonton International Airport, 6hr commercial flight from EIA to Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport, about 4,000 miles away from Lake Louise! Collected by a courtesy car and tipped the driver 50¥ after arriving c. 11pm
  • Le Château Frontenac is like this, and has 618 guestrooms and suites:

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  • It’s in this part of town:

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  • Hotel walls have a Rating 5 ward in them, and the hotel is patrolled by watcher spirits looking for spellcasting and/or sabotage
  • The rooms were on different floors, as requested. Mel went swimming, Saiph had a shower before heading to the gym, and Gabriella got changed into something conservative with a crucifix around her neck and went to the hotel bar.
    • Gabriella noticed two Catholic priests in the bar, but they weren’t that impressed by the attractive woman trying to schmooze them. She then changed tack and started talking to the staff about the private party tomorrow night. They told her it was a small gathering without a wait service planned and without the use of the PA system.
    • Melika assensed the area around the swimming pool, noticing a couple of watcher spirits as they patrolled about, plus a troll and a human Christian theurge (with Essence 6 and Magic 5). She then went back to her room and astrally projected, but didn’t find much out that she didn’t already know – the two people Gabi had been talking to were both also Christian Theurges
    • Saiph went to the gym and pumped some iron, but on the way checked out the physical security. There are cameras and motion detectors outside, but inside there are none. However, unobtrusive mini-drones patrol the public areas. Three troll theurges were there, working out together, and Saiph befriended them with small talk.
  • After dinner, the three headed up towards the Vercheres Room on the first floor, doing an impersonation of nosy guests. After Gabriella picked the lock, they found themselves in a ballroom with marble floors, vaulted ceilings, and a marble dais at one end with a flat-surfaced podium. Gabriella released a Fly-Spy into the room to hide up in the vaulted ceilings. Two doors on each of the two walls perpendicular to the exterior wall.
  • Mel developed a decent understanding of the watcher spirits’ patrol patterns
Downtime post-Midnight

Group Funds: 80,400¥

  • Spent 1,800¥ on rooms
  • Spent 50¥ on a tip
  • Spent 150¥ on a bribe
  • Once again, Quicksilver and Jane-In-The-Box are really impressed with your work. Getting the Sextant back in such difficult circumstances was a huge victory!
  • Mel is taken to the on-site shadow clinic for treatment; she’s able to receive visitors fairly quickly.
  • You’ll need to decide what to do with your haul of foci. Anyone can use the Weapon or Power Foci (but see the caveats about Power Foci in the comments on the other post!), but only Mel can use the Sustaining, Counterspelling or Binding Foci. You can sell the ones you don’t want, or give them away. That may fund foci of the same type but a different category if needed.
    • Note that a character can only be bound to a number of foci equal to their Magic rating
    • Note that a character can only be bound to foci with a total Force equal to 5 times their Magic
    • The number of foci a character can have active at any one time is equal to their Logic
  • You all also gain contacts as follows:
  • And you get two enemies! Yay!
  • The big news in your world is that the reclusive great dragon Aden has ventured from his Mt. Ararat home to visit Hestaby’s lair at Mt. Shasta.

Remember, folks, you need to hit “edit post” and alter the Player Secret section, rather than posting a comment!

Midnight - part five
  • Following on from last session, the team were concealed by the last service of Mel’s powerful water spirit. Saiph used his grapple gun to get the team onto the roof, although difficulties with climbing meant that Gabriella had to briefly turn into her drake form.
  • The fight started with Saiph taking a very carefully-aimed shot at the “apparently-mundane human with several spells on it,” which struck him in the head and dropped him to the ground straight away.
  • Mel followed up with a manaball which seriously injured the three heavily cybered guards and most likely the blood spirit as well, and dropped the two adept guards
  • The blood spirit roared its defiance before vanishing – the team has earnt a Force 6 Free Guardian Blood Spirit as an enemy…
  • The two magicians burst into the main area, wearing light military armour and carrying assault rifles. One threw a stunball at the team, seriously fatiguing Gabriella and Saiph, while the other moved to check on the fallen leader (the apparently-mundane guy).
  • Mel targeted one of the magicians with a manabolt; the magician resisted the spell and replied in kinda, leaving Mel close to death
  • Saiph took a shot at the magician investigating the fallen leader, felling her in one shot.
  • The heavily-cybered guards broke for cover and sprayed suppressing fire at the roof while the Burning Angels moved in to support them.
  • Gabriella stabilised Mel’s condition and used her Commanding Voice power to prevent most of the heavily-cybered guards and the Burning Angels from firing
  • Saiph took out the other magician as he moved to check on the leader
  • Saiph’s Doberman drone was able to do some serious damage before getting blown up by a hail of gunfire.
  • Saiph and Gabriella worked their way through the remaining three heavily-cybered guards and one of the Burning Angels; the other three Burning Angels broke and fled from the situation out of the door at the bottom of the map.
  • Gabriella threw a thermal smoke grenade towards the landing zone, which had four Burning Angels on it trying to wave the incoming t-bird off
  • Saiph started shooting at the t-bird, aiming at the exhaust intake to maximise damage, and was able to reduce it to 50% efficiency over three shots
  • In response, the t-bird opened up a turret and deployed a machine gun. In drake form, Gabriella ruined the turret mechanism with a miniwelder and then set to trying to open one of the doors.

(At this point the session ended and we resolved the rest by email)

  • There’s an explosion from inside the warehouse (later investigation reveals that it was an area bomb inside the leader’s head, rendering him nigh-impossible to identify and trashing his commlink)
  • The t-bird stops losing altitude and changes its course so as to buzz over the top of the building and fly past, firing once more with its messed-up turret gun.
  • Saiph Boosts his Agility, aims and fires a Called Shot at the t-bird’s engine intake again. It slams into the engine next to Gabriella’s head and does even more damage. The engine starts belching smoke and the t-bird struggles to gain altitude.
  • Gabriella claws at the exposed wires – however, the really crucial stuff has already been messed with and so she doesn’t do any extra damage (DV less than vehicle’s Armour).
  • The Burning Angel that can see out of the smoke starts shooting at Saiph but misses due to cover. Other Burning Angels move out of the smoke and/or continue to flee, depending on which group they were part of.
  • Saiph’s second called shot is much harder as the t-bird goes into full-on evasive maneouvres. However, it’s a much cleaner hit than many others and the t-bird is clearly on its very last legs at this point, thick acrid smoke filling the air and getting in Gabriella’s face.
  • Gabriella disengages from the t-bird as it’s apparent that a crash is imminent.
  • Saiph’s third called shot is another solid one, this time straight into the exhaust. The vehicle’s armour isn’t good enough to stop it taking the engine out entirely, causing the t-bird to crash into a dilapidated warehouse nearby. Given the acceleration of the t-bird to get out of the situation, and its combat-turn-speed of 250, all the passengers are killed instantly. It turns out that 60P damage will do that to you, even with the benefits of vehicle armour and/or a rigger cocoon!
  • There’s a kind of action movie sequence where Gabriella, still in drake form, tears the door off (made much easier by it all being fucked up!) and plucks the sextant and some jewellery off Sonora’s broken body
  • Meanwhile, Saiph switches to APDS ammo and takes out the four Burning Angels on the LZ with a shot each. The three fleeing ones seem to be gone for good.
  • Gabriella returns to the warehouse, resumes elven form, and contacts Jane-In-The-Box for an extraction. She then calls the Ancients to say that they’ve done the job, and reveals that the lake in the warehouse is a route to an underground Burning Angels base, as evidenced by the submersible vehicles in there.
  • Gabriella takes the chance to search the leader’s exploded body and those of the two magicians for foci (see below), which she switches back to drake form to do.
  • Saiph keeps overwatch from his perch on the roof and keeps an eye on Mel until the cavalry arrives
  • The cavalry in this case is a posse of Ancients with a battered old ambulance who arrive in fairly short order, carefully moving Mel into the back of the ambulance and loading Saiph, Gabriella and the Sandal drone in there as well.
  • You’re taken to a private airfield where you’re flown up to Edmonton and are met by other drakes from Lake Louise who take Mel to the clinic on site and give the two who are conscious the chance to debrief Jane-In-The-Box and Quicksilver.

The haul:

  • On the leader
    • Sustaining Focus (Health), Force 6, Obsidian Ring
    • Counterspelling Focus (Combat), Force 6, Obsidian Ring
    • Aspected binding focus, Force 6, native silver and jade medallion, blood spirits :-(
    • Macuahuitl, Weapon Focus, Force 6
  • On Sonora
    • Power Focus, Rating 4, Gold necklace in Aztec style
    • Sustaining Focus (Detection), Rating 4, Silver ring
  • On each magician
    • Power Focus, Force 4, onyx thorn earring
    • Sustaining Focus (Health), Force 4, eagle feathers and jet beads tied to a braid in hair
Midnight - part four
  • Transport attacked by a mated pair of greater thunderbirds en route over the Rockies. Killed both birds and carried on to San Bernardino!
  • Ricky flew off quickly and then you hired a van from a local place.
  • Discovered that the suburb was heavily under the thumb of two gangs – the all-elf Ancients, and the Burning Angels
  • Found an Ancients bar and waited until a woman in a green and black leather jacket with a green and black mohawk arrived to speak with them. She explained that the Ancients don’t have much to do with Sonora as she’s in tight with their enemies, the Burning Angels.
  • Saiph and Mel holed up at the safehouse the Ancients provided while Gabriela schmoozed a couple of Burning Angels posing as a potential “groupie”
  • Ancients reported back that the Burning Angels were apparently very excited about an incoming shipment, and took the runners to the warehouse where the t-bird was going to land. They scoped the place out and came up with a plan (below) and saw the layout below. Black crosses generally are cybered footsoldiers in the Burning Angels. The ones with green circles around are magicians (Magic 8). The one with a black circle around it is an apparently mundane human with several spells on it, and three of the five black crosses around it were heavily cybered guards, and the other two were adepts. The red cross is a Force 6 Guardian Blood Spirit.

2013 06 25 22.47.44

  • Update Jane-in-the-Box as to the situation, that Sonora is handing the Sextant to the Azzies via the gang

The plan

  • Be concealed by Jackie’s spirit
  • All three on roof of warehouse
  • Opening salvo vs. group by the water and kill them before the footsoldiers make it up to the roof
  • Hope that t-bird lands and doesn’t leave
Midnight - part three
  • Team systematically killed the thirty land-based Mafia troopers, and sank the boat with the anti-aircraft gun on it. The other two boats fled at that point.
  • Inside the Spire, they met Ricky Steelsky, a burly human Caucasian male in his 40s, who explained that his people were shipping Sonora and her team of two to Denver as a stop-over on her route to San Bernardino near LA
  • Given the huge help the team had given Spire Enterprises, he agreed to take them straight to San Bernardino. The only choice necessary was whether to take the usual, long route around that had many stops in small towns and was relatively safe, or the much more dangerous, quicker route across the Mojave Desert, a place full of angry paracritters, well-equipped bandits, and Ghost knows what else.
  • The team naturally chose the dangerous route. After a short rest and a stop-off to collect their gear from the rented SUV, the flight straight to San Bernardino started…
  • Around this time, the team took a call from Jane-In-The-Box saying that the ritual had revealed the Sextant was in Des Moines but moving quickly west – fitting with the Denver intel.

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