Samantha Kudash


Samantha Kudash, Peshmerga Quartermaster

Sam is a gender-queer Anatolian defector. She is fairly androgynous, straps down her breasts and keeps her dark hair cropped short. She is friendly, if a little guarded, and fiercely proud of ‘her girl’. She typically refers to herself as female but answers to whatever pronoun is used and never corrects anyone. If asked she explains that she has bigger shit to worry about than grammar.

She barely knew Brindar before he left Kurdistan but fell for his sister Mishraht when she came looking for him after he disappeared. When Brindar called in a favour from Hammer while working for Aden, Sam recognised and interrogated him. He explained the situation and bade Sam keep an eye on his sister. She has kept his secret, to protect Mishraht as much as him, and he occasionally sends her money. Mishraht and Sam are due to be married soon.

Samantha Kudash

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