Sabeerah Kaufmann


Sabeerah Kaufmann, Ms. Johnson for SK Prime (Dubai)

Kaufmann is a lithe, almond-eyed, female elf of Saudi and German descent. She has long, dark hair which she keeps immaculately pulled back with jewelled headbands. She typically wears expensive skirt-suits which only enhance her sultry looks. She is sharp, sly, wickedly funny and a social chameleon.

When working for Aden in Constantinople Brindar was repeatedly sent to stymie the efforts of Saeder-Krupp’s shadow-ops teams and it inevitably led to him occasionally running into their prime fixer in the area. To begin with their relationship carried a level of mutual respect and they talked and even flirted a little when they came face to face.

Sadly the game came to a head when Brindar successfully robbed an armoured transport containing something valuable enough to put real pressure on Sabeerah. She pulled in all the intelligence she could gather on him and decided to kidnap Maera, whom her translator told her was his sister. Brindar completely lost his focus when he received a message showing his deepest regret tied to a chair with a black eye. He made a series of bad calls, compounded by bad luck and the very best game Kaufmann could bring. In an attempt to free his first love Maera was accidentally killed when an RPG hit her transport rather than the drone escort. Brindar, consumed by hate and grief, hunted down several members of Sabeerah’s family, including her ex-husband and her son. He still refuses to admit that he overreacted and she will never forgive him for that slaughter.

Sabeerah Kaufmann

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