Ryan Mercury

Drake Leader


Mercury used to go by the street name Quicksilver, but ditched the cover after he took over Assets, Inc. Rumour has it the Big D groomed Mercury from the time he could walk and talk. In the will, Dunkelzahn left Mercury his “heart," which triggered his Awakening to become a drake. He was Nadja Daviar’s public escort to various events from 2058 to 2064, and the two are known to have been lovers up until her disappearance.

Over the years, the Draco Foundation has made itself a haven for the few drakes that have appeared across the world, mentoring and protecting them. Ryan Mercury, a drake himself, currently oversees this program with his lieutenant and current significant other, an eastern drake named Azadeh.

He’s an Adept of the Invisible Way, and a Grade 10 initiate.

Ryan Mercury

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