Dragon traitor


A female Western dragon, Rainwalker’s first appearance in the Sixth World was in the Caucasus Mountains, Armenia in 2069. She came to Lake Louise along with four other newly-appeared dragons, wanting to know what had happened to Dunkelzahn (as they were formerly his vassals). Upon learning the news of his death, two of the dragons went on to swear fealty to Ghostwalker, and two of them (one named Cloudbreaker) refused to ally with any man, dragon, or other being. Rainwalker, however, opted to swear fealty to Ryan Mercury himself. She is known to favour Azadeh, however, and to have had some contact with the Great Dragon Aden.

If the Lake Louise Drakes had a rank structure, Rainwalker would be a field general with Azadeh being the commanding general and Mercury the commander-in-chief. Since joining with them, Rainwalker has proven to be a boon in both a strategic and political sense. More than once she has run interference on their behalf with the rest of the dragon community and reports indicate she is able to do this because of several previous deals made between her and several other great dragons. As a leader, Rainmaker prefers a more direct approach to problems, often tackling them head-on. Her presence is often reassuring to Lake Louise Drakes, as few have the support of a powerful dragon.


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