Nicolás Fernandez

Former Catholic Monk

B A R S C I L W M Ess Edg Init IP
3 3 3 2 6 5 3 5 6 6 4 8 1

Condition Monitor: 10
Skills: Arcana 5, Artisan 3, Assensing 6, Astral Combat 4, Conjuring skill group 4, Dodge 3, Etiquette (Catholic Church) 5 (+ 2), First Aid 4, Instruction 4, Leadership 5, Negotiation 5, Perception 5, Pistols 3, Sorcery skill group 5
Qualities: Magician (Christian theurge)
Initiate Grade: 1
Metamagics: Centering (prayer)
Spells: Alleviate Addiction, Analyze Magic, Analyze Trust, Antidote, Chaotic World, Cure Disease, Detect Enemies, Detect Life, Diagnose, Heal, Mana Barrier, Nutrition, Physical Barrier, Stunball
Gear: Gilded Cross of Lorraine [Power Focus, Force 1], rosary [Spellcasting focus, Health, Rating 3]

  • Encountered during Don’t Cry For Me as a member of the Vigilia Evangelica who had lost his faith and wanted to escape
  • He’d made a deal with Jean-Claude Priault (head of Saeder-Krupp Prime) that he’d be extracted to SK in exchange for a certain book from the Vigilia vault underneath Basilica of Our Lady of Luján, near Buenos Aires in Argentina
  • Frederick Larstatter was the one tasked by Priault to extract Fernandez, but he couldn’t get any local shadowrunners to act against the Church
  • Larstatter contacted Gabriella and hired her and the team as freelancers to do the work instead
  • They decided to deliver Nicolás and the book to Lake Louise instead, gettingQuicksilver’s sign-off on it.
  • Nicolás was horrified that the team killed two of his brother monks in the escape but Gabi was able to convince him to turn his hate against dragons
  • Now lives/hides at Lake Louise

Nicolás Fernandez

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