LA Ancients


The local chapter of the elven go-gang has long been a presence in the City of Angels, focusing primarily on smuggling, protection rackets, and sidelining as security for small companies. Although they are a slightly smaller gang than the Angels at about 75 members, they used to have the advantage when it came to weapons, gear, and tactics. They also had an advantage over most other LA gangs in that they were organized nationally, so although they had smaller numbers, in a serious situation they could call upon a small army to back them up.

Regardless of their size or organization, the Ancients hold a special place in the LA sprawl, mostly because the gangers are just so damn photogenic. So many trids and sims feature the leatherclad, bike-riding elves—with their classic bad-boy good looks or trampy biker-chic fashions—that they’re almost a symbol for the city’s underworld.

Since one of the Ancient’s main smuggling goods is weapons, it should come as no surprise that the elven gang often faces off with the Burning Angels. These confrontations tend to be loud and deadly. Th e strange part is that each gang has pretty clearly defined territory, but they frequently meet outside their territory to clash. Recently, Angel bikers were attacking a small studio in Riverside that produced poor-quality porn, torching the place and shooting up the employees that attempted to flee the burning building. Cameras caught the action when a second group of bikers, wearing the green-and-black jackets of the Ancients, rode up and open fired on the Angels. It looked, from the trid footage, like two small armies clashing. Interestingly, the Ancients seemed to be providing cover as many of the employees escaped.

Pueblo sec forces took their time responding (who can blame them, as the gangers were having fun whittling down their numbers). The building was trashed, but most of the employees survived. What’s weird was that the place wasn’t in either territory; both gangs had a fair commute just to get there. The Ancients seem to have an agenda and some good intel—otherwise how would they have known to be in that particular place at that particular time? As to who is feeding them the intel, that’s something everyone has a guess on, but nobody has an answer.

LA Ancients

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