Burning Angels


These days you see a lot of gangs in the Barrens of LA sporting supposedly authentic Anasazi tats and packing enough heat to invade a small country. The top dog of these gangs is the Burning Angels, a Latino gang that claims much of flooded East LA as its turf, along with major parts of Downtown. The Angels have some Anasazi ties, and it’s suspected that they provide a smuggling route into the city for weapons, gear, and drugs distributed by the desert tribe (or maybe it’s the other way round—you never can tell with them).

Recently the Angels have been hitting an awful lot of Horizon establishments and messing with the PCC and Koshari operations something fierce. They’ve become a real thorn in Pueblo’s side. Unlike most go-gangs, who get their kicks harassing commuters and making occasional smuggling or drug-trade side-trips, the Angels appear to be thinking through their hits. In addition to the milspec weapons, they seem to have someone providing some military brains, too.

Although much of the violence seems to be random, some of us in the shadows have begun to see a pattern. You can bet the PCC and Horizon see the same pattern, but the gang seems to be operating with some superior intelligence and has (so far) managed to cause a whole hell of a lot of damage without significant reprisals.

The Angels were traditionally based out of El Infierno. With the flooding in that area, the gang has spread out around the city, although their stronghold is still in the flooded zone. Small hills, higher elevation plateaus, even taller buildings have been transformed into hundreds of small islands surrounded by poisoned waters. Th e Angels have made their homes on these islands, claiming territory and ruling over other survivors of LA’s worst hell. The PCC leaves them alone, realizing that it would take a full military action to attempt to confront them. They’ve adapted well to the half-submerged city, utilizing fast, shallow-bottomed boats and waterscooters much like other go-gangs use motorcycles.

The gang follows Sage, a black-haired, black-eyed human woman who flaunts massive scars on her right arm and legs. Sage has made it a fashion for the Latino city gangers to become Anasazi tribal members. She was one of the first to go out to the desert tribe and return, marked with an eight-sided star on her cheek, major scarification, and acknowledged as a true member of the Anasazi tribe. Since then, other gangers have made the trek out into the Mojave, trying to survive the rituals (and the desert itself). Not everyone tries it, and most who do go don’t survive, but the ones that return with that particular tattoo are highly regarded. ‘Course, that could be because they are lethal and crazy SOBs.

In addition to general chaos and some very profitable gunrunning, the gang is also a main pipeline for telesma gathered from the Mojave. The desert Anasazi guard the Mojave, so for the most part the only telesma leaving the desert runs through their channels. There’s a high demand for the raw materials, but the real market seems to be the shaman’s potions. Using ancient knowledge (so they say), the Anasazi have created some humdinger magical compounds that’ll let you feel, act, and fight like a juiced-up adept. They also have some very lethal poisons they distribute, although those are harder to find.

Burning Angels

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