Ryan Mercury's right hand


An Eastern Drake, and Ryan Mercury‘s right-hand woman and significant other. Spends a lot of time doing political work in Washington FDC on behalf of the Draco Foundation. A powerful Adept of the Speaker’s Way.

For all intents and purposes, Azadeh did not exist before Crash 2.0, although her appearance and known languages indicate a Persian origin. In fact, her name comes from an ancient Persian resistance fighter and warrior who battled Arab invaders. An extremely skilled fighter and tactician, she constantly cultivates this persona and prefers to out-think an opponent before employing brute force; although she is very capable of doing so when necessary. Azadeh first met Ryan Mercury sometime in the late ’60s when he was attempting to leave Aztlan after being captured by Aztechnology security forces. She introduced herself to him by single-handedly dismantling an Alexa Group Songbird cell attempting to recapture him. Since then, Azadeh has proven invaluable to the Lake Louise Drakes and Mercury in particular. Azadeh is reported to be very good at what she does and is known as being passionate, stern, and fair. She is also known as a leader who is not afraid to be approachable when needed.



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