Clutch of Dragons

Midnight - part two

  • En route to CZ border, accosted by 25 street gangers trying to steal their stuff. Mel cast a Manaball, killing five outright and seriously injuring the rest…
  • Former wall around the CZ is a multistorey heap of snow-and-ice-covered rubble. Gates are wide open but blocked by metre-high snowdrifts. One of Mel’s spirits Concealed the team and their SUV, which was left behind.
  • Unbroken snow as you walk through the Zone – entire place has an insect spirit background count
  • Abandoned cars covered in snow give cover all over the place
  • After about three hours of walking, they saw dog tracks and heard mixed barking and chittering. Walking on for another half hour, Saiph shot one of the bug-dogs and started a fight in which the Roach hybrid dogs used their Fear power to good effect to break them up, and two of them severely injured Saiph. Both Gabriella and Saiph turned into their drake forms, Saiph destroying much of his cold-weather gear in the process.
  • Heading up towards the spire took another hour and a half; from about half an hour out, you could see plumes of smoke and hear gunfire – Gabriella and Saiph picked up a distress signal, asking them to go get help for the Spire from the Union, 3 miles north up the coast. The message said there were about 30 guys besieging the Spire, plus an ack-ack gun that meant they only just got their last bird away.
  • Astral recon revealed 40 or so people besiegers (10 on various boats, 30 on land clustered around braziers), and about 10 people inside the Spire – plan to attack brazier groups one by one.



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