Clutch of Dragons

Don't Cry For Me - part three

  • Saiph instructed his two drones to split up, one defending the van and the other waiting at the altar in the basilica to ensure the escape route can’t be cut off
  • On the way in, Gabi anointed herself and genuflected. Saiph talked about burning the place down.
  • Mel ordered her Force 5 Spirit of Water to materialise and attack the barrier as soon as the Trap Wards spring; she then ordered her Force 5 Spirit of Beasts to attack the other side in a combat.
  • Gabi loaded her Slab rounds into her Ares Predator and got it to hand
  • Saiph readied his Ingram White Knight and walked in wearing his Military Armour
  • In the entranceway, Saiph turned one of the Sylvestrine Priests into a fine red paste using the LMG, while Mel Manabolted the guardian angel into oblivion
  • In the hallway, Saiph got into a tussle with the guardian angel, Mel manabolted it, while Gabi shot the Sylvestrine monk with a Slab round, dropping him instantly into a state of suspended animation. As the other two went into the next room, she dosed him with Leal to remove his memory before tying him up and gagging him.
  • Entering the library, Saiph was attacked by another guardian angel, which injured him gravely. He fought back after jumping up from a prone position, but again it was Mel who killed the angel.
  • Gabi started looking around the library for the book they were searching for, finding it very rapidly and quickly defeating the defences to get hold of it – a simple book bound in plain black leather, with letters embossed in gold leaf in a language none of the team understood. She also took a quick inventory of the other antique books in the room. After the team left, Mel cast a Sterilise spell on the area.
  • Through the hallway, the team passed the unconscious and bound priest, and Mel again cast Sterilise.
  • In the entrance way, Nicolás was on his knees in the pool of blood crying. Gabi just about managed to convince him to come with the team, when he revealed that he’d seen a shark spirit drowning the unconscious priest in the next room. He also confirmed that he’d erased all the camera footage.
  • Under an air of recrimination, the team left the vaults, with Mel coming last and casting Sterilise once again.
  • Up in the basilica, Nicolás closed the altar entrance and left his rosary on the surface. Mel cast a very powerful Sterilise spell to cover the whole basilica, and then Gabi turned her commlink off before the team got into the van and headed to the rendezvous with the Steelsky clan.
  • On the journey, Gabi was able to convince Nicolás that the dragons were the true enemy, and even converted him to be an anti-dragon crusader with quite some zeal.
  • Eventually, Nicolás went to sleep and Mel and Saiph had a conversation about killing and their families and so on, while Gabi listened in from the t-bird’s cabin.
  • At the landing site, the team was met by two SUVs, one of which contained Azadeh, who took Nicolás away with her
  • Once back at Lake Louise, Gabi got hold of an encrypted commlink and sent Larstatter a “catch me if you can” message



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