Clutch of Dragons

In Hamburg

  • Gabi contacted Jan Brecht, leaving a voicemail for him
  • He called back, saying to meet him in the shadow of the Rathaus at the Anti-Eurocrats’ rally the following afternoon. The team were to come unarmed. He said that if he suspects foul play, he will drop off the grid and not provide a second chance.
    • He also sent a Customised Augmented Reality Environment (CARE) that will turn his AR presence into a beacon of light and mask all nearby AROs as clouds of dark smoke. He requires everyone on the team to use the programme.
      • Gabi had Jane-In-The-Box check it out, and it also included an embedded Track programme that would broadcast your location (to within 50m), so the team decided to invest in disposable commlinks
      • “Local police are focused on a political rally taking place in Hamburg due to an NEEC geopolitical summit that the city was forced to host. The Anti-Eurocrats policlub have scheduled a huge protest against NEEC legislation and to push for secession from the NEEC-friendly Allied German States. Summit is at the Congress Centre of Hamburg, near the Rathaus”
  • Saiph got Jane to load an agent with the Track programme onto his commlink so he could track a stealth RFID tag if necessary
  • The team went to scout out the site of the rally, discovering the Police already establishing their perimeter, political stallholders getting set up, and various other related types in the area.
    • Gabi talked to some of the shadier types to try to find out the tensions, meeting a pair of anarchists called Julia and Hans. She found out that the anarchists were planning something (meeting in the Stuffer Shack nearby at 3.30pm) and that she could probably start a riot by calling in reports to a particular talk radio show.
    • Saiph talked to a police officer, discovering that he would need a permit to park a vehicle near the rally tomorrow. Such permits would be available through a legitimate corporation or employer but not to private individuals.
      • Gabi contacted Jane again to see if the Draco Foundation could offer a permit; given the likely contents of the vehicle, Jane made clear that the Foundation couldn’t be seen to be aiding and abetting a sniper at a political rally…
  • The team then took a night off, splitting between swimming pools, bars, or a nice long bath…

The following afternoon..

  • Saiph loaded his equipment into the back of the hired vehicle, drove to near the site, and then
  • Gabi and Mel headed to the meeting on public transport; they met up with Brecht straightforwardly enough and managed to convince him that they were with neither Interpol or the Vory.
  • He led the two of them through the streets, into an apartment building. From there, he took them into the basement, and through a large crack into the concrete into a WW2 bomb shelter with a thick steel door. He sent a lot of messages to someone on the other side, until therewas the sound of gears turning and the door swung open. There was a troll with cataracts on the other side, who handed Brecht a pair of hip waders. There weren’t enough for Mel and Gabi…
    • Saiph moved closer , and received instructions to come after them if they were gone more than ten minutes.
  • The tunnels were combined basements of buildings and steam tunnels that eventually connected into abandoned sewer and subway tunnels. Several of the passages were flooded, ranging from ankle- to knee-deep water with only the slightest current. Sounds of water pumps could be heard at various locations.  The tunnels were nearly pitch black, so Jan cracked several glowsticks and hung them on his belt.
    • Around this time, Saiph moved up to the tunnel entrance but found his way blocked by the 30cm-thick steel door. He started casing the joint…
  • In the tunnels, Gabi, Mel and Brecht were almost ambushed by mercenaries, but were able to launch a counter-assault. Brecht mostly just hid, and Gabi and Mel both experienced some serious damage, but Mel was able to pacify them all with a Mana Ball.
  • The two drakes convinced Brecht to take them back to the entrance to get Saiph. Brecht wasn’t happy they hadn’t brought their whole team with them, but agreed.
  • After the rendezvous, they made their way through the tunnels again, to a a fallout shelter with a portable generator, sleeping areas (1m x 2m) marked out with tarps and sheets, and a handful of lightly-armed smugglers.
  • Wagner was anxious and jumpy but was happy to make a deal with the team – he’d tell them what he knew if they got him out of the city. They agreed, so he told them the thief who stole the Phaistos Disc was Malcolm Carella of the Loose Cannons.
    • The Cannons are a runner team based out of Europort that specializes in theft and espionage.
    • Got a dropbox contact code for the Cannons
  • The team, plus Brecht and Wagner made their way back through the tunnels, hearing the sound of gunfire echoing around them. When they reached the steel door, they found the troll’s dead body floating in the water. Brecht bravely set off into the darkness alone to try to defend Penose turf.
  • The team put Wagner up in a decent hotel to “stay safe” until they were ready to leave with him. They then called Lydiena from the Vory and told her exactly where Wagner was.



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