Clutch of Dragons

In Hamburg

  • The team reconvened at their hotel and started planning their next steps.
    • Gabi did some research on Malcolm Carella, revealing him to be a thief with a decent reputation and a taste for corporate work
    • Saiph got everything loaded into the hired van and contacted Behahol, who eventually got back in touch with contact details for the Loose Cannons in Europort
  • After reviewing their travel options, the team decided to travel cross-country through the less-well-patrolled toxic zone than to try a more conventional border crossing and risk a search by the authorities (who are likely to be poorly-disposed to all of Saiph’s military hardware!)
  • On the way, following winding country roads, the team encountered two motorcycle duelists who turned their attention to the team’s vehicle after Saiph honked the horn to draw their attention.
    • This rapidly turned into two dead auto-duelists and a slightly damaged van, as Mel took one out with a Manabolt and then Saiph drove over the other…
  • Later on, the van started slowing down and eventually came to a stop, with the howling of wolves filling the air.
  • A particularly brutal fight ensued, against a pack of twelve Toxic Fenrir Wolves, that ended up with everyone badly wounded and in dire need of medical attention
  • Under concealment from one of Mel’s spirits, the van made it through a border crossing into the United Netherlands. Gabi’s friend Matt Greenwood recommended a street doc in Europort, which the team were just about able to make it to.



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