Clutch of Dragons

  • Called into a meeting with Quicksilver, Azadeh, and Jane-In-The-Box
  • The Phaistos Disc was stolen from the Heraklion Archaeological Museum in Crete last summer, along with various other valuable pieces of art. It’s not yet been put on the black market or sold at any private auctions – so either they’re waiting for the heat to die down or it’s with a private collector.
    • It’s a clay tablet!
    • No one has ever been able to translate the glyphs on it!
    • During the Year of the Comet, the glyphs allegedly flickered and changed!
    • It was found at an archaeological dig, but the techniques used to make it hadn’t been developed in the period of all the other stuff at that dig!
  • You need to get to Hamburg and track down Hardy Wagner, an informant who has information about the thief, with a view to recovering the Disc
    • Wagner is a data-broker (snitch) for the Dutch Penose but sells to anyone who’ll pay
    • He’s a massive coward but also smart – often vanishes using friends in the Water Rats
    • Commcode readily available – but his commlink’s switched off
    • Lives in a quaint condo on Tornquiststraße
  • There’s an active Interpol investigation, hence no Matrix contact
  • Mordecai has been sniffing around too, so watch out!
  • The briefing also referenced connections between the Piri Reis Map and the Sextant of the Worlds
  • Gabriella told Jane about her problems with Frederick Larstatter, and warned her (and the team) to keep her eyes out
  • Travel provided by Lake Louise allows two duffel-bags of stuff per PC and takes 9hrs from Edmonton International.
    • Paid the Steelsky Clan 9,000¥ to take a bunch of stuff to Hamburg and back, taking 24 hours each way
  • The team had a conversation about philosophy on the flight
    • They came together around some attitudes around what’s important and when to kill and not to kill
  • They discussed concerns about the Lake Louise organisation and how they’re being used to get these artefacts that are somehow linked together
  • They also talked about their personal reasons for working with the Lake Louise drakes.

In Hamburg

  • Hamburg 8hrs ahead of Lake Louise time
  • Narrow streets, lots of languages including the local lingo known as Habensprook (“Port Speak”), an eclectic mixture of North German dialect, Dutch, and Russian.
  • Booked rooms at the Hotel Stella Maris in the Altona district, which is fairly new – some of the buildings survived WWII but they’re rare. Hotel rooms are spacious but simple, with a nautical theme.
  • Lots of AROs using different approaches to those in North America, so more of them get through filters
  • Headed to the apartment on Tornquiststraße to check the area out, when Gabriella discovered that the building was quarantined with police tape and the German for “No Trespassing – Police Investigation” all over the place in ARO form. A third floor window had been blown out and there were signs of smoke and fire damage throughout the building.
    • She charmed a police officer (who eventually gave Gabi his number!) who explained that there had been no casualties, but that it was definitely arson. He also identified that the person living in the destroyed apartment was a criminal.
  • Meanwhile, Mel and Saiph met with a Vory soldier called Lydiena Lobatchevski, who was hanging around the area and established that they had a mutual interest in Wagner.
  • Heading into “her office” – a nearby alley – Gabriella joined them. Lydiena explained that the Dutch Penose had attempted (and failed!) to assassinate the Lobatchevski Vory’s Sovetnik (2IC) and so the Vory v Zakone were out for revenge and keen to drive the Penose out of their territory.
  • The two sides came to a deal: Lydiena would provide the team with her information on where to find Wagner, and once they were done with him, they’d make sure that Lydiena got Wagner alive.
    • Lydiena explained that a Water Rat smuggler named Jan Brecht was hiding Wagner and other Penose members, and gave them Brecht’s commcode, suggesting that they arrange to meet up with Wagner via Brecht.
    • Lydiena also gave Gabriella her contact details for the drop.



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