Clutch of Dragons

Darkest Hour - part five

  • The team followed Abolev to his luxury hotel in Europort, and neatly assassinated him – Saiph fired an AV and an APDS round from his sniper rifle at him while he was in the shower; Mel Manabolted one of the guards who went to get help.
  • The team got away clean, before the police turned up.
  • The team looked into getting hold of some gear in a short timeframe (specifically a box of 20 APDS ammo and some Force 5 binding materials) but didn’t like the premium they’d had have to pay
  • They rendezvoused with the Loose Cannons and got everything ready for the assault
  • Mel got targeted by the Spirit of Man and was magically terrified by it as a result
  • Gabi blew the doors open, while Saiph killed guards who were trying to shoot him.
  • Eventually, all three team-members were inside the prison, and were just about able to deal with the two guards in there.
  • Saiph’s drones filled the area (and the stairs!) with thick smoke, which impeded the guards making their way down from upstairs
  • Gabi was able to unlock the door into the solitary wing and found Malcolm Carella there
  • Carella was emphatic that he didn’t want to be rescued; he said there was an S-K Prime killteam waiting for him outside and that he was safer in prison!
  • He was prepared to give up the identity of the person he sold the Disc to, though: Hermann Meyer, from Frankfurt.
  • The team got Widget’s OK to leave Carella behind, and prepared for their confrontation with the guards coming down the stairs before fleeing to the waiting helicopter…



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