Clutch of Dragons

Soldiers on manouvers
Saiph has a crush

Saiph checked the readout from his earbuds, confirming that the incoming footsteps matched the gait profile of his target. He silently adjusted the readout to minimum opacity so it would not obstruct his view and subtly adjusted the belt clip holding his combat knife. He tensed in the shadows of the alcove as his target drew closer. He had to time this right.
He stepped out, reaching forwards in one simple, silent movement and, with a straight hand executed a gentle prod to the ribs of the comfortably, but smartly dressed woman.
“Tag. You’re i…” he smirked.
Her almond eyes flashed as she spun, her long Persian patterned skirt flaring artfully as she kicked away from him and drew her Morrisey Elan, cutting him off mid-word. Saiph’s specs threw up a faint red circle around the gun as his commlink registered the distinctive click of the Elan safety being cycled. Looking beyond the AR for a moment Saiph’s eyes focused on the fine detail of the mechanism as it switched states. His practiced reactions carried his hand in a sharp movement, drawing his customised SMG and sweeping aside the woman’s long, delicate limb to break her line of fire. The tanned woman swiftly countered with a sweep of her leg but Saiph was naturally stronger and his muscles surged with magic as he bent his knee into her attack, pushing her off balance and giving the mechanism of his weapon time to fully unfold.
Her skirt billowed, giving a flash of sleek but well-muscled leg as she staggered backwards, flinging a manicured hand behind her to arrest her fall. Golden bangles from Constantinople jangled on her wrist. Saiph pressed the advantage, hoping to use his strength in close while his SMG finished deploying but he was too slow. Her foot lifted off the floor and her leg tightened as she coiled, bringing a sharp heel in between them. Saiph was distracted by the glimmer of gold jewellery tumbling across the neckline of her blouse before she drove her foot straight into his chest, twisting to swing the other stylish shoe up under his jaw. Staggered, he heard the beep of his commlink registering the completed deployment of his sidearm as he corrected his footing. A sweep of black, loosely curled hair flashed before his face as she sprung up, knocking aside his weapon with the momentum of her own gun arm and bringing the other hand in for a follow-up to his face.
This time, however, he was prepared for her speed, letting the first strike through so that he could focus on dealing with the second. His forearm met hers and he grabbed her wrist as he deflected her blow, letting her momentum carry her between him and the alcove he had struck from. Shoving hard he pressed her into the corner, pinning her lean arms above her head with his free hand while the barrel of his SMG chilled the exposed skin of her tight midriff.
He was momentarily struck by just how beautiful she was, staring into her large dark eyes as she stared into his. He could taste her hot breath on his lips and feel her chest swell against him as she panted with the sudden exertion. She licked her lips and a loose dark tress fell over her face, breaking the spell.
“You’re getting better Brin.” Azadeh sighed breathily. “You really got me this time.” She smiled wryly at him through her tousled curls.
Saiph made no move to release his grip. “Don’t lie to me Az, you had me with your draw.”
“Whatever do you mean?” she asked, pressing herself gently against his hold to reassert that he had bested her.
“I saw you cycle the safety when you could have pulled the trigger.” he whispered softly in her ear.
“Well I have to, obviously…” she began, trying to flick her hair out of her face, but he interrupted.
“You cycled the safety on Azadeh. I watched your firing pin lock. You keep your weapon live just as I do.” He released her wrists and lowered his gun from her side, letting his gaze follow her hands down as they adjusted her hair then pulled the shoulder of her blouse back up over her gently curved shoulders. She sighed heavily and for a moment he thought his heart would break. Then she shook her head and laughed.
“Only you could have noticed that Brin. You’ll get me next time.” She stepped forwards and poked his sternum with her forefinger then twirled gracefully and carried on down the corridor to whatever appointment he had delayed her from.
He stood and watched her go, wondering if he’d ever get her. Wondering if he should even want to. She belonged with someone else and whatever his feelings he should respect that. He would not make the same mistake again. Folding and holstering his sidearm he headed back to his room to meditate. He needed to find another focus for these feelings. Perhaps, he thought, he could ask Mel or Gabi for advice…

Darkest Hour - part five
  • The team followed Abolev to his luxury hotel in Europort, and neatly assassinated him – Saiph fired an AV and an APDS round from his sniper rifle at him while he was in the shower; Mel Manabolted one of the guards who went to get help.
  • The team got away clean, before the police turned up.
  • The team looked into getting hold of some gear in a short timeframe (specifically a box of 20 APDS ammo and some Force 5 binding materials) but didn’t like the premium they’d had have to pay
  • They rendezvoused with the Loose Cannons and got everything ready for the assault
  • Mel got targeted by the Spirit of Man and was magically terrified by it as a result
  • Gabi blew the doors open, while Saiph killed guards who were trying to shoot him.
  • Eventually, all three team-members were inside the prison, and were just about able to deal with the two guards in there.
  • Saiph’s drones filled the area (and the stairs!) with thick smoke, which impeded the guards making their way down from upstairs
  • Gabi was able to unlock the door into the solitary wing and found Malcolm Carella there
  • Carella was emphatic that he didn’t want to be rescued; he said there was an S-K Prime killteam waiting for him outside and that he was safer in prison!
  • He was prepared to give up the identity of the person he sold the Disc to, though: Hermann Meyer, from Frankfurt.
  • The team got Widget’s OK to leave Carella behind, and prepared for their confrontation with the guards coming down the stairs before fleeing to the waiting helicopter…
Darkest Hour - part four

In Europort

  • Team arrived as directed to an Indian restaurant, where they asked for Dr. Patel
  • In the back room, they found a Medical Shop set up as a street doc’s facility, run by a blue-skinned, four-armed “human” who introduced himself as Dr. Patel.
    • Mel assensed him and identified him as an adept
  • After one day of care, Saiph was fully healed; after the second day, Mel was fully healed; and after the third day, Gabi was fully healed. Those not being healed were put up in some rooms above the restaurant.
    • Got Dr. Patel as a Con 3, Loy 2 Contact.
  • Patel told them that Carella had been taken into custody by Regulus Joint Industries on behalf of the Europort Administration Ruling Council – didn’t know why
    • Mel’s research indicated that “a suspect” was taken into “protective custody” by a group of corporations (ESUS, DeBeers, and WWS) who are running an inquiry on behalf of the Europort Administration Ruling Council into recent corporate espionage
  • Offered to let the team stay in the rooms above the restaurant for 100¥ per night, payable in certified cred; he also offered an introduction to his brother Raj for 500¥
  • After a lengthy discussion, the team came to an understanding about Raj. He confirmed that Carella was fleeing S-K
  • In exchange for the information, Raj wanted the team to rescue Carella. He provided a map and the following information:
    • Physical Security:
      • Eight Ares Sentinel R Series Drones, w/Pilot 5, Targeting (Longarms) 5 and Targeting (Automatics) 5. Armed with Ares HVARs w/100-round drum and safe targeting system, loaded with gel rounds. Rails mounted along perimeter fence and can fire into or out of the compound. Slaved to a Rating 3 node.
      • 9 solitary confinement cells, 40 general population cells (2 prisoners per cell).
      • All prisoners chipped with a hardened stealth tag implanted along the artery beneath their jawbone. Radioactive isotope in left upper arm.
      • Compound physically removed from city, surrounded by flat, open terrain for 1km in all directions.
      • Pressure plates in the field surrounding the facility.
      • Rating 6 sensor emplacements mounted along the fence, facing outwards, with low-light and thermo cameras, radar, and motion-detection. Aimed for low-ground coverage. Relies on radar for anything over 20m above ground.
    • Matrix security – all security nodes not connected to Matrix
    • Magical security
      • Rating 2 Dragonslayer Domain
      • Patrol of Force 7 Spirit of Man and 5 Watcher Spirits. Alert the on-site mage if any intruders approach within 50m of the complex.
    • Personnel:
      • 40 regular guards, providing coverage as both prison guards and facility security
      • On-site combat mage, wards key areas of building and provides astral patrol
      • 10 elite guards
      • No surprise inspections. Any claimed surprise inspections are buzzed into the entry foyer, an airlock shuts, and are gassed with CS/Tear Gas for two minutes


  • Gabi took a call (as “Maria Santos”) from Georgiy Abolev of the Apep Consortium, who had heard that she was in Europort and wanted to meet up with her and the team “for a coffee”
    • Her research indicated that he has a number of Central Asian bodyguards with criminal records on Interpol databases; also that he’s a ruthless and unscrupulous staffer in pursuit of artefacts for the Consortium
  • Gabi also updated Jane on what was going on
  • Gabi contacted the Cannons and arranged to meet them at a pub called the Blue Rhapsody.
    • The team arrived as the Cannons were in the middle of an argument. In Carella’s absence, the Cannons are made up as follows:
    • Widget: early twenties female Caucasian elf with day-glo red hair and purple highlights. Patronising and pedantic. Team’s hacker and currently trying to act as its leader. No augmentations.
    • Hiver – late thirties male Scandinavian-looking elf. Paternal towards Widget, Emilio and Yuyi. Some alpha-grade augmentations.
    • Emilio – late twenties male Hispanic troll, heavily and obviously augmented. Hugely built and prepared to let Carella swing.
    • Nerefeiz – early forties male Arabic human. Drinks a lot. Some light bioware augmentations.
    • Yuyi – early twenties female East Asian ork. Very slightly-built, wears a rebreather basically all the time. No augmentations; Magic 8 adept.
  • After some false starts and difficult conversations, the two teams agreed to work together.
  • Widget had discovered that Carella was currently in Solitary Confinement (in the cell at the bottom of the map) but was scheduled to be moved back into General Population in 48 hours.
  • The Cannons’ plan as it started was this:
    • Monitor signals in and out of the building, using a Sniffer program, then Spoof a prisoner transfer order. After the order has been inserted into the system, fly into the building. Land on helipad, take down guards using overwhelming firepower. Leave Emilio in helicopter with Widget to detonate charges on the street as oncoming vehicles respond. He also keeps an eye on Widget while she is in the Matrix.
    • Widget brings her registered Paladin sprite to protect her while she threads up a Blackout to crush active Matrix users, and she commands a Rating 5 Crack Sprite to crash all the icons.
  • The problem is that although the Loose Cannons can lay the charges and tackle the external security, but there aren’t enough of them to manage the interior security forces as well. An attempted rescue would result in their entire team being overrun and captured. Also, if they go hot, any attempts to actually breach the building will be met by Regulus Elite Forces.
  • Thus, Gabi, Mel and Saiph agreed to breach the interior of the prison and get Carella out.
  • They also discussed suborning whichever Combat Mage would be on duty the following night, thus making the infiltration significantly easier. Nerefeiz offered to do this, and the team accepted the offer.
  • In discussing the Phaistos Disc, the Cannons said they recognised it as one of the things they stole from the Heraklion Museum. Everything was shipped to SanFran by cargo ship, but Carella removed the Disc just before the container was sealed, and paid each of the team an extra 5k. He said it was being sent to a different buyer…
  • The team left their meeting with the Cannons, agreeing to reconvene at 5pm the following day ready for a night-time incursion.
  • They then went to a Central Business District coffee shop for their meeting with Georgiy Abolev, who attended with just two of his bodyguards.
    • He recognised Gabi (as “Maria Santos”) and Saiph (presumably as “Waheed Hengupta,” although he didn’t say), but introduced himself to Mel as though he didn’t recognise her.
    • He half-jokingly asked where his map was, and Gabi deflected the question, implying that they had passed it onto a big client or similar.
    • He then said that he knew why the team were in Europort, and that he’d give them the chance to leave right away. He left shortly after delivering this threat, and (after some debate within the team about whether they should kill him) Mel sent a Force 5 bound Spirit of Beasts after him to see where he went.
Darkest Hour - part three

In Hamburg

  • The team reconvened at their hotel and started planning their next steps.
    • Gabi did some research on Malcolm Carella, revealing him to be a thief with a decent reputation and a taste for corporate work
    • Saiph got everything loaded into the hired van and contacted Behahol, who eventually got back in touch with contact details for the Loose Cannons in Europort
  • After reviewing their travel options, the team decided to travel cross-country through the less-well-patrolled toxic zone than to try a more conventional border crossing and risk a search by the authorities (who are likely to be poorly-disposed to all of Saiph’s military hardware!)
  • On the way, following winding country roads, the team encountered two motorcycle duelists who turned their attention to the team’s vehicle after Saiph honked the horn to draw their attention.
    • This rapidly turned into two dead auto-duelists and a slightly damaged van, as Mel took one out with a Manabolt and then Saiph drove over the other…
  • Later on, the van started slowing down and eventually came to a stop, with the howling of wolves filling the air.
  • A particularly brutal fight ensued, against a pack of twelve Toxic Fenrir Wolves, that ended up with everyone badly wounded and in dire need of medical attention
  • Under concealment from one of Mel’s spirits, the van made it through a border crossing into the United Netherlands. Gabi’s friend Matt Greenwood recommended a street doc in Europort, which the team were just about able to make it to.
Darkest Hour - part two

In Hamburg

  • Gabi contacted Jan Brecht, leaving a voicemail for him
  • He called back, saying to meet him in the shadow of the Rathaus at the Anti-Eurocrats’ rally the following afternoon. The team were to come unarmed. He said that if he suspects foul play, he will drop off the grid and not provide a second chance.
    • He also sent a Customised Augmented Reality Environment (CARE) that will turn his AR presence into a beacon of light and mask all nearby AROs as clouds of dark smoke. He requires everyone on the team to use the programme.
      • Gabi had Jane-In-The-Box check it out, and it also included an embedded Track programme that would broadcast your location (to within 50m), so the team decided to invest in disposable commlinks
      • “Local police are focused on a political rally taking place in Hamburg due to an NEEC geopolitical summit that the city was forced to host. The Anti-Eurocrats policlub have scheduled a huge protest against NEEC legislation and to push for secession from the NEEC-friendly Allied German States. Summit is at the Congress Centre of Hamburg, near the Rathaus”
  • Saiph got Jane to load an agent with the Track programme onto his commlink so he could track a stealth RFID tag if necessary
  • The team went to scout out the site of the rally, discovering the Police already establishing their perimeter, political stallholders getting set up, and various other related types in the area.
    • Gabi talked to some of the shadier types to try to find out the tensions, meeting a pair of anarchists called Julia and Hans. She found out that the anarchists were planning something (meeting in the Stuffer Shack nearby at 3.30pm) and that she could probably start a riot by calling in reports to a particular talk radio show.
    • Saiph talked to a police officer, discovering that he would need a permit to park a vehicle near the rally tomorrow. Such permits would be available through a legitimate corporation or employer but not to private individuals.
      • Gabi contacted Jane again to see if the Draco Foundation could offer a permit; given the likely contents of the vehicle, Jane made clear that the Foundation couldn’t be seen to be aiding and abetting a sniper at a political rally…
  • The team then took a night off, splitting between swimming pools, bars, or a nice long bath…

The following afternoon..

  • Saiph loaded his equipment into the back of the hired vehicle, drove to near the site, and then
  • Gabi and Mel headed to the meeting on public transport; they met up with Brecht straightforwardly enough and managed to convince him that they were with neither Interpol or the Vory.
  • He led the two of them through the streets, into an apartment building. From there, he took them into the basement, and through a large crack into the concrete into a WW2 bomb shelter with a thick steel door. He sent a lot of messages to someone on the other side, until therewas the sound of gears turning and the door swung open. There was a troll with cataracts on the other side, who handed Brecht a pair of hip waders. There weren’t enough for Mel and Gabi…
    • Saiph moved closer , and received instructions to come after them if they were gone more than ten minutes.
  • The tunnels were combined basements of buildings and steam tunnels that eventually connected into abandoned sewer and subway tunnels. Several of the passages were flooded, ranging from ankle- to knee-deep water with only the slightest current. Sounds of water pumps could be heard at various locations.  The tunnels were nearly pitch black, so Jan cracked several glowsticks and hung them on his belt.
    • Around this time, Saiph moved up to the tunnel entrance but found his way blocked by the 30cm-thick steel door. He started casing the joint…
  • In the tunnels, Gabi, Mel and Brecht were almost ambushed by mercenaries, but were able to launch a counter-assault. Brecht mostly just hid, and Gabi and Mel both experienced some serious damage, but Mel was able to pacify them all with a Mana Ball.
  • The two drakes convinced Brecht to take them back to the entrance to get Saiph. Brecht wasn’t happy they hadn’t brought their whole team with them, but agreed.
  • After the rendezvous, they made their way through the tunnels again, to a a fallout shelter with a portable generator, sleeping areas (1m x 2m) marked out with tarps and sheets, and a handful of lightly-armed smugglers.
  • Wagner was anxious and jumpy but was happy to make a deal with the team – he’d tell them what he knew if they got him out of the city. They agreed, so he told them the thief who stole the Phaistos Disc was Malcolm Carella of the Loose Cannons.
    • The Cannons are a runner team based out of Europort that specializes in theft and espionage.
    • Got a dropbox contact code for the Cannons
  • The team, plus Brecht and Wagner made their way back through the tunnels, hearing the sound of gunfire echoing around them. When they reached the steel door, they found the troll’s dead body floating in the water. Brecht bravely set off into the darkness alone to try to defend Penose turf.
  • The team put Wagner up in a decent hotel to “stay safe” until they were ready to leave with him. They then called Lydiena from the Vory and told her exactly where Wagner was.
Darkest Hour - part one
  • Called into a meeting with Quicksilver, Azadeh, and Jane-In-The-Box
  • The Phaistos Disc was stolen from the Heraklion Archaeological Museum in Crete last summer, along with various other valuable pieces of art. It’s not yet been put on the black market or sold at any private auctions – so either they’re waiting for the heat to die down or it’s with a private collector.
    • It’s a clay tablet!
    • No one has ever been able to translate the glyphs on it!
    • During the Year of the Comet, the glyphs allegedly flickered and changed!
    • It was found at an archaeological dig, but the techniques used to make it hadn’t been developed in the period of all the other stuff at that dig!
  • You need to get to Hamburg and track down Hardy Wagner, an informant who has information about the thief, with a view to recovering the Disc
    • Wagner is a data-broker (snitch) for the Dutch Penose but sells to anyone who’ll pay
    • He’s a massive coward but also smart – often vanishes using friends in the Water Rats
    • Commcode readily available – but his commlink’s switched off
    • Lives in a quaint condo on Tornquiststraße
  • There’s an active Interpol investigation, hence no Matrix contact
  • Mordecai has been sniffing around too, so watch out!
  • The briefing also referenced connections between the Piri Reis Map and the Sextant of the Worlds
  • Gabriella told Jane about her problems with Frederick Larstatter, and warned her (and the team) to keep her eyes out
  • Travel provided by Lake Louise allows two duffel-bags of stuff per PC and takes 9hrs from Edmonton International.
    • Paid the Steelsky Clan 9,000¥ to take a bunch of stuff to Hamburg and back, taking 24 hours each way
  • The team had a conversation about philosophy on the flight
    • They came together around some attitudes around what’s important and when to kill and not to kill
  • They discussed concerns about the Lake Louise organisation and how they’re being used to get these artefacts that are somehow linked together
  • They also talked about their personal reasons for working with the Lake Louise drakes.

In Hamburg

  • Hamburg 8hrs ahead of Lake Louise time
  • Narrow streets, lots of languages including the local lingo known as Habensprook (“Port Speak”), an eclectic mixture of North German dialect, Dutch, and Russian.
  • Booked rooms at the Hotel Stella Maris in the Altona district, which is fairly new – some of the buildings survived WWII but they’re rare. Hotel rooms are spacious but simple, with a nautical theme.
  • Lots of AROs using different approaches to those in North America, so more of them get through filters
  • Headed to the apartment on Tornquiststraße to check the area out, when Gabriella discovered that the building was quarantined with police tape and the German for “No Trespassing – Police Investigation” all over the place in ARO form. A third floor window had been blown out and there were signs of smoke and fire damage throughout the building.
    • She charmed a police officer (who eventually gave Gabi his number!) who explained that there had been no casualties, but that it was definitely arson. He also identified that the person living in the destroyed apartment was a criminal.
  • Meanwhile, Mel and Saiph met with a Vory soldier called Lydiena Lobatchevski, who was hanging around the area and established that they had a mutual interest in Wagner.
  • Heading into “her office” – a nearby alley – Gabriella joined them. Lydiena explained that the Dutch Penose had attempted (and failed!) to assassinate the Lobatchevski Vory’s Sovetnik (2IC) and so the Vory v Zakone were out for revenge and keen to drive the Penose out of their territory.
  • The two sides came to a deal: Lydiena would provide the team with her information on where to find Wagner, and once they were done with him, they’d make sure that Lydiena got Wagner alive.
    • Lydiena explained that a Water Rat smuggler named Jan Brecht was hiding Wagner and other Penose members, and gave them Brecht’s commcode, suggesting that they arrange to meet up with Wagner via Brecht.
    • Lydiena also gave Gabriella her contact details for the drop.
Downtime post-Don't Cry For Me
  • Group Funds: 75,600¥
    • Paid 9,000¥ to the Steelsky Clan to carry Shek’s stuff to and from Hamburg
    • Paid 600¥ for two disposable commlinks
    • Paid 2,500¥ to rent a Mercury Oort van for a week
    • Paid 1,000¥ to rent another hotel room
    • Paid 3,000¥ for medical treatment and accommodation for those not being healed
    • Paid 500¥ for introduction to Raj Patel
    • Paid 100¥ per night for accommodation in Europort
  • Nicolás is still somewhat shaken and disturbed by everything that’s happened, but nevertheless seems to be settling in. You only see him occasionally, working with Talon and the various other non-drake magicians who work with Quicksilver et al.
  • The news from Luján is entirely silent on the break-in and the two murders.
  • Quicksilver and Azadeh are both pleased about the book you’ve recovered, although you get the impression it’s still being translated as neither of them seem to be lying when they say they don’t know why it’s so important.

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Don't Cry For Me - part three
  • Saiph instructed his two drones to split up, one defending the van and the other waiting at the altar in the basilica to ensure the escape route can’t be cut off
  • On the way in, Gabi anointed herself and genuflected. Saiph talked about burning the place down.
  • Mel ordered her Force 5 Spirit of Water to materialise and attack the barrier as soon as the Trap Wards spring; she then ordered her Force 5 Spirit of Beasts to attack the other side in a combat.
  • Gabi loaded her Slab rounds into her Ares Predator and got it to hand
  • Saiph readied his Ingram White Knight and walked in wearing his Military Armour
  • In the entranceway, Saiph turned one of the Sylvestrine Priests into a fine red paste using the LMG, while Mel Manabolted the guardian angel into oblivion
  • In the hallway, Saiph got into a tussle with the guardian angel, Mel manabolted it, while Gabi shot the Sylvestrine monk with a Slab round, dropping him instantly into a state of suspended animation. As the other two went into the next room, she dosed him with Leal to remove his memory before tying him up and gagging him.
  • Entering the library, Saiph was attacked by another guardian angel, which injured him gravely. He fought back after jumping up from a prone position, but again it was Mel who killed the angel.
  • Gabi started looking around the library for the book they were searching for, finding it very rapidly and quickly defeating the defences to get hold of it – a simple book bound in plain black leather, with letters embossed in gold leaf in a language none of the team understood. She also took a quick inventory of the other antique books in the room. After the team left, Mel cast a Sterilise spell on the area.
  • Through the hallway, the team passed the unconscious and bound priest, and Mel again cast Sterilise.
  • In the entrance way, Nicolás was on his knees in the pool of blood crying. Gabi just about managed to convince him to come with the team, when he revealed that he’d seen a shark spirit drowning the unconscious priest in the next room. He also confirmed that he’d erased all the camera footage.
  • Under an air of recrimination, the team left the vaults, with Mel coming last and casting Sterilise once again.
  • Up in the basilica, Nicolás closed the altar entrance and left his rosary on the surface. Mel cast a very powerful Sterilise spell to cover the whole basilica, and then Gabi turned her commlink off before the team got into the van and headed to the rendezvous with the Steelsky clan.
  • On the journey, Gabi was able to convince Nicolás that the dragons were the true enemy, and even converted him to be an anti-dragon crusader with quite some zeal.
  • Eventually, Nicolás went to sleep and Mel and Saiph had a conversation about killing and their families and so on, while Gabi listened in from the t-bird’s cabin.
  • At the landing site, the team was met by two SUVs, one of which contained Azadeh, who took Nicolás away with her
  • Once back at Lake Louise, Gabi got hold of an encrypted commlink and sent Larstatter a “catch me if you can” message
Don't Cry For Me - part two
  • Saiph hired a GMC Bulldog Step-Van for a week
  • He also made arrangements with the Steelsky Clan to carry four people back, at a cost of 15k¥
  • Gabi called Quicksilver to explain the situation. He told her that Priault is the head of Saeder-Krupp Prime, and also pointed out that the Quebec vault is very near the hotel from Shadows of Peace.
  • He also gave some advice about forensic countermeasures (especially the use of the Sterilisation spell) and also gave his permission for the team to extract Nicolás and bring him to Lake Louise
  • Gabi’s research online indicated that Priault was a former four-term Corporate Court Judge who resigned after the Crash 2.0. Since then he’s been working closely with Lofwyr and heading Saeder‑Krupp Prime’s strategic division. He has also acted as a direct emissary of the dragon on political matters.
  • She also looked into Larstatter, who it turned out was actually an SK Prime agent, possibly quite high-up, in Argentina
    • SK Prime: basically a global military intelligence agency tasked with ensuring that Lofwyr’s wishes come true
  • Gabi called Larstatter to get some armour and stuff, ending up with an agreement for him to provide two suits of Fire Resistant delta-amyloid clothing and a tricked-out suit of Heavy Military Armour for Saiph. Saiph just had to go into the SK Argentina depot the following morning to get measured and collect it.
  • Gabi met up with Nicolás and arranged for the attack to go down at 4am the following day (after Saiph collects his new armour)
  • Gabi spent 15,000¥ nuyen hiring an armed escort for her grandparents to go to the airport and fly privately to be with her parents in the UCAS.
  • The next morning, Saiph showered thoroughly, dressed in a freshly-bought set of flats, went and got the armour customised. By hiring a courier, he was able to get the large black plastic crate back to the rest of the team. Gabi checked it over with the Radio Signal Scanner and found nothing broadcasting.
  • The team did a final bit of planning, looking at how best to approach dealing with the warded areas and the spirits
  • The session ended with the team in the SUV outside the cathedral at 3.55am, Concealed by one of Mel’s Water Spirits, ready to deploy at the beginning of next session…

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